A description of a crime in the neighborhood

Within the Fannie Mae Selling Guide is an abundance of information about what it seeks as part of the neighborhood analysis. These include identified boundaries, characteristics, and factors that affect value and marketability within the neighborhood. The other allows for written narrative, which often needs to be continued into the explanatory comments pages. Please do not let the small area on the form deter you from writing a detailed neighborhood analysis!

A description of a crime in the neighborhood

The story is told by Marsha as an adult looking back on the summer of when she was 10 years old. It's not a traditional mystery so don't expect a lot of police investigation. Don't expect policemen as main characters. Don't expect a nicely tied up ending either.

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That's not this book. In fact, we are told in the first few pages that the criminal is never caught because finding and convicting the perpetrator of the crime is not this book's focus.

The book is more of a coming-of-age story about what Marsha goes through in this summer, how she reacts to it then, and her reflections looking back on it now as an adult. I want to say more about the themes in this book, but I am struggling to come up with the right words in order to be coherent but not give too much away.

The atmosphere of this book is wonderful. There is a strong sense of place and time. The book does have a really summery feeling and a s vibe. As you're reading, you can easily imagine Marsha and her family and their neighbors sitting on their porches drinking lemonade and watering their flowers in the hot summer evenings, etc.

Berne does a great job building the atmosphere and describing scenery without going into too much detail. She perfectly sets a scene in just a few words. It turned out to be more summery than a lot of typical summer reads that are actually set at beaches and more vacation-type locales.

So that was a pleasant surprise with this book.

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I think lots of people would enjoy it as long as they go into it with the right expectations. Tara1Reads Oct 15, " Because when you have watched yourself do the worst thing that you can possibly do to another person, at least you know what you are capable of.

C suburb, several events fracture the serenity of both the town and ten year old Marsha. Watergate makes the headlines, Marsha's dad leaves his wife and children, and a twelve year old neighborhood boy is found murdered. Life appears to be uncertain and frightening for young Marsha.

As her mother comes to terms with the loss of her husband, Marsha becomes increasingly isolated. To pass the time, Marsha keeps detailed notes of her neighbours and her town.

Uneasy about the unsolved murder of young Boyd Ellison,fathers patrol Springfield on foot in the evening and late at night. A socially awkward single man has recently moved next door to Marsha. A deliciously creepy look into the life of a troubled young girl and the dynamics at play around her.

Narrator Marsha is looking back at a time in her childhood when her father ran off with her Aunt, when the Watergate scandal was all over the news, a boy was murdered in her neighbourhood and a socially awkward guy moved in next door.

Marsha tells the story as an adult but her observations of the events are those of a child how much I prefer this approach, as opposed to having a child narrate AS a child, which can be disorientating and cringemaking. Once all the strands of the plot are in play it's possible to predict with a high level of accuracy how it will all play out, but I wasn't too bothered about that.

What I enjoyed most was the quality of the writing - literary but readable - as well as feeling a tremendous amount of admiration for Marsha's mum. On a national level, and in her neighborhood, a boy is molested and murdered.

Throughout the summer Marsha watches the building hysteria in the neighborhood, and record. There are so many great things about this book that I wish I could rave about it, but it left me lukewarm.

What's right with it?

A description of a crime in the neighborhood

The author has a good ear for dialogue. Her character development of both her minor and major characters is excellent, especially in the case of the protagonist's mother,perhaps the most likable character in the book. The story is set in the early '70s in the Washington, D.

I spent the latter '70s in the suburbs of D. In truth, I did not even live in the States until the mid '70's. However, from living among Americans abroad, and later, living in the general area Berne is describing, she hits the right tone and paints a vivid setting that captures the era.

The main thing that is wrong with the book is it is too long to have a real sock in the jaw impact. Part of that is because of the protagonist. She is an observant child, watching everything in the neighborhood.Jan 06,  · A compelling story told about a crime committed in a quiet suburban neighborhood in the D.C.

area, set during the time of the Watergate scandal. In this first novel by Suzanne Berne, she presents a great coming-of-age story with believable characters and rich descriptions of a place and time/5. A crime in the neighborhood. [Suzanne Berne] -- A New York Times Notable Book.

Set in the Washington, D.C., suburbs during the summer of the Watergate break-ins, Berne's assured, skillful first novel is about what can happen when a child's. Liaison officers share crime prevention information in various ways in various settings.

Education takes the form of presentations with residents, neighborhood watch groups, business owners, homeowner's associations and other public gatherings; liaisons deliver crime prevention literature at festivals and fairs. A Crime in the Neighborhood is a deft and provocative first novel that turns many of the coming-of-age conventions on their heads.

There is nothing sepia-tinted about Marsha's recollections of her childhood--the lives of year-olds are mired in the mistakes of adults and the cruelties of other children/5(23). Neighborhood-level mental health problems should be addressed at the neighborhood level.

Public housing policies that contribute to the concentration of poverty should be avoided and research should be conducted on the most effective ways to mobilize neighborhood residents to meet common goals and improve the context in which they . NeighborhoodScout Crime Risk Reports provide an instant, objective assessment of property and violent crime risks and rates for every U.S.

address and neighborhood. We offer seamless national coverage and up to 90% accuracy.

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