Abs cbn foundation

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Abs cbn foundation

AFI is a c 3 non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Filipino families in the Philippines and around the world.

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AFI strives to become a major social change partner for the Philippines through multi-sectoral projects and partnerships in areas essential for building brighter future. Using the power and reach of media that stimulates creation of critical multi-sectoral partnerships, AFI will continue to rally Filipinos and like-minded individuals to support and fund child care, disaster management, and environment conservation.

AFI strongly believes that the three core programs will help realize a bright future for our Kapamilyas that Abs cbn foundation become the hope for tomorrow.

Mission We live to serve and make a significant impact in the areas of child care, disaster management, environment conservation, education and community development.

Abs cbn foundation

The power of media helps us reach partners in target sectors that will become individual champions to give kapamilyas a bright future. Vision A better life for all Filipinos worldwide.

Values Our core values are beacons that guide us in public service. Hope and a well-deserved future are the two reminders of the things that matter to our kapamilyas in need. Together it can be done Together it can be done, one community at a time.

We are then a caring force of calm that alleviates suffering everywhere we may find it. We will be there when people need the presence of others, to help whether to rescue a child, to bring relief during calamities, and or to protect the environment.

INTEGRITY We commit to serve with unwavering respect and honesty, striving to maintain our character and observing the values which are expected from us by those whom we have the privilege of serving. We conduct ourselves to the highest standards and expect the same from our partners.

We do not turn away anyone coming to us who is genuinely in need. We serve with joy and treat our donors, supporters, partners, our people and those we help - as our Kapamilya.The Latest from ABS-CBN Foundation International Campaigns.

Marawi Fund. The city of Marawi still needs rebuilding. Help bring hope to the families affected by siege in Marawi.

READ MORE. Events. TFC Unity Cup Help bring hope to more children by joining the TFC Unity Cup This event is a two-part charity event that aims to raise at.

6 originals to stream on ABS-CBN’s new streaming service. November 13, ; ABS-CBN, Entertainment, iWant TV; 0; ABS-CBN, the leading entertainment and media network in the Philippines, will launch new streaming service iWant on November 17 with a slew of original shows and movies that will want to make users stay glued to their mobile devices and binge-watch for hours.

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Miss Philippines-Earth is a Medical Physicist. A medical physicist hopes to use her new title as Miss Philippines-Earth to highlight the “science behind climate change.”. The ABS-CBN logo as it was recreated during the 50th corporate anniversary of the network in Below is a partial list of shows that were previously aired on Philippine television network, regardbouddhiste.com the current programs which are airing, see List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN.

One Meralco Foundation is the social development arm and corporate foundation of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco).

Abs cbn foundation

Among its core corporate social responsibility advocacies are school and household electrification, energy education, grassroots partnerships, youth and sports development, emergency preparedness and disaster response, and employee volunteerism.

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