An analysis of desperate housewives by marc cherry

Production[ edit ] The idea for the series was conceived as Marc Cherry and his mother were watching a news report on Andrea Yates. In addition, he had created or co-created three sitcoms: ET slot, [25] which it held all through the run of the show. After only three episodes, on October 20,ABC announced that Desperate Housewives, along with Lost, had been picked up for a full season.

An analysis of desperate housewives by marc cherry

The class kept a blog to post interviews and media analysis projects. Desperate Housewives, created by Marc Cherry, has captured millions of weekly viewers, causing the television show to receive praise and awards in return.

Mary Alice Young, once a friend and neighbor on Wisteria Lane to the woman until her suicide, now narrates the lives of her friends; Susan Mayer- a clumsy, yet attractive single mother, Lynette Scavo- a tough, fearless mother, Bree Van De Kamp- a prim and proper, dedicated homemaker, and Gabrielle Solis- an adulterous, ex-model.

The show focuses a great deal on the importance of beauty and appearance, but also displays the struggles with being a housewife and a mother.

I plan to focus on the role of motherhood for Lynette Scavo and the obstacles she faces when trying to balance raising her children, a career, and her marriage while dealing with oppression and the need to conform to traditional gender roles.

Whether mothers choose to stay home or have no choice but to stay home, work full-time or have a part-time job, and whether their married or single are all aspects that affect motherhood. Time magazine states these particular people may be dedicated to their work, but many of them experienced having parents work long hours and prefer to give their own children more attention than they received Time.

The unattainable expectation can therefore be accredited to such debate on motherhood. Whatever the case, the role of motherhood is controversial and challenging, as we see in Desperate Housewives.

The young females believe these television shows portray an accurate way of society and do not realize the show is a form of entertainment which strays from that of real life. Also, these type shows have typically stereotyped woman as dependant on men, causing them to receive less recognition and respect.

Though finally, shows are starting to have mother characters not solely as homemakers, but holding professional jobs outside of the home.

In doing so, more families are able to relate to the motherhood role in the show. Lynette faces the issue of dealing with motherhood and a career. She has always been the ideal career woman; very dedicated and successful in her executive position with an advertising company. She truly enjoys being in the workforce.

Lynette and Tom then decide to have children and soon enough they have a son, two twin boys, and a daughter. To make matters worse, the twins suffer from ADHD, making having four kids even more of a handful. As a result, she is forced to leave work to be a full-time mother and is constantly stressed while doing so.

An analysis of desperate housewives by marc cherry

Lynette struggles with the fear of being a bad mother more so than she struggles in any corporate job, making her secret regret of leaving work somewhat understandable Metro Magazine Though she tries to use the same positive attitude and successful strategies in her role as mother as she did in the office, she does not get the same appeasing results in return.

While struggling with her job as a mother, Lynette has flashbacks to when she found out she was pregnant with the twins and Tom insisting she stay at home because he believes children are raised better when they have a stay-at-home mother.

Lynette found comfort when finally admitting to her friends the struggles she was experiencing with motherhood and learning they also find motherhood difficult. When her husband insisted she quit her job and stay at home, he is unaware of the struggles she faces while being a full-time mom.

In return, there is a great deal of tension in the relationship and constant arguing. Her husband is just another example of some described in The Price of Motherhood:The American TV-series Desperate Housewives was set up by US-author Marc Cherry, whose company Cherry Productions produces it together with ABC Studios and various other Co-producers.

"Since its premiere on ABC on October 3, , the show has been well received by viewers and critics alike. When Russert noted that Newsweek magazine describes Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry as a "conservative gay Republican," Falwell replied, "Well, the fact that he's a gay Republican means.

“Desperate Housewives” (returns Sept. 28 on ABC): The show’s fourth-season finale ended with a jump five years into the future, a move that creator Marc Cherry said was driven by the show’s overly Byzantine plots.

THE SKED: “Devious Maids” Takes A Walk to Lifetime | Showbuzz Daily This is especially apparent when we have a favorite character on a television show, and they are all of the sudden killed off for no good reason. Here are a number of times where this happened, and we never saw it coming.
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Soap-opera entanglements tend “to build up and. a sociopragmatic analysis of interruptions by the male characters in marc cherry’s desperate housewives season 1 tv series. Mar 14,  · Jurors had been scheduled to hear closing arguments in Sheridan's case against "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry and Touchstone Television Productions on Tuesday, and the unexpected testimony from Reinhart sent a ripple of excitement through the packed courtroom.

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