An analysis of the organizational structure of kudler fine foods

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An analysis of the organizational structure of kudler fine foods

Apple Computer The intent of this analysis is to provide a strategic plan framework for Apple Computer, focusing first on strategy, followed by core competencies, an assessment of key external and internal forces, and technology sourcing and internal innovation. Also analyzed are product development strategies, and strategies to simulate strategic renewal, which have been very evident in the company's successes with their iPod product family.

Assessing and Recommending Corporate Strategies for Apple Computer Apple's longevity in the highly turbulent industry of high technology can be attributed to its non-conformist approach and loyalty to its most loyal target customers, which is a unique designer segment seeking simple and stylish products that capture the coolness factor of innovation while perpetuating brand loyalty, in addition to a strong commitment to creative expression both for its customers but also its own designers.

Apple actively capitalizes significantly greater brand loyalty than its competitors, adding in a strong focus on cross-platform integration and edgy, interesting and fun marketing communications programs.

These strong combination of factors contribute to the strategic success of Apple Computer today: Product Design -- Apple's enhanced visual development of product design enables the company to build buzz within the designer community prior to its next generation releases.

Retail Stores -- Apple Stores rely on interactive and experiential marketing to integrate the Apple experience at the point of purchase, enticing customers to interface with working products on display.

Branded Partnerships -- Apple works with partner companies to construct advertising campaigns that match its brand strategy and draw new customers to Apple products. This is exemplified by the Red iPod Bono of U2 just announced earlier this month October, in addition to the Black iPod that has the entire U2 chronology of songs on it.

The partnership with Disney to provide the entire Desperate Housewives on the iTunes website is another case in point. Apple Computer is also passionate about staying vertically integrated as both a manufacturer and retailer.

The company consistently has relied on this strategy to both remain independent of external forces that could disrupt their value chains, but also because it gives much greater visibility into costs and profits. Apple's vertical integration also provides for excellent control over software and hardware development from design through manufacturing.

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This vertical integration enables strong cross-selling opportunities for new software and computer peripherals, as each product seamlessly interfaces with existing company technology, according to DataMonitor The addition of Apple Retail Stores beginning in extended this integration to the point-of-purchase, diminishing reliance on third-party vendors unfamiliar with Apple's unique technological and brand attributes according to DataMonitor Being trendy without being exclusionary is the biggest branding and segmentation challenge the company has today.

Figure 1 shows a profile of the Apple customer base. Characteristics of the Apple Customer Base Sources: Cuneo and Marketing Week In addition Apple needs to continually re-evaluate its vertical integration for costing and pricing competitive advantages.

There also needs to be a thorough analysis of integration between software and hardware products to ensure consistency across all platforms.

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Industry analysts describe Apple hardware and software as intuitive and easy-to-use; skills learned while utilizing one Apple interface prove easily transferable to similar Apple software platforms according to MacWorld writers.

Analysis of Apple's Core Technical Competencies Apple continues to prove its dedication to innovation and short product upgrade cycles. The iPod line has been refreshed at a pace that cannot be rivaled by competitors the average iPod model's lifespan is 11 months and the Intel transition completed much sooner than promised it took Apple only days from the release of the first Intel Mac to the last Intel machine.

Because of Apple's track record of innovative products with fresh appeal, it's reasonable to expect an aggressive product pipeline throughout the remainder of the decade. Figure 2 provides an illustration of the aggressiveness of their product strategies as it relates to the iPod product family.

Analyzing Apple's iPod Product Roadmap What this roadmap illustrates as well is the key lessons learned by Apple throughout its history of working to integrate with 3rd party software and operating systems as well.

In fact, Apple has turned integration from a weakness to a strength, specifically on their quick development and release of Intel-based Macintosh systems illustrates this point. The core competencies of translating designer-like requirements in electronics products and platform integration are two of the most powerful core competencies the company has today, which is translated into a consistently easy-to-use and learn interface that is consistent across all products in the company's suite of applications.

Apple often contrasts its platform integration success with manufacturers producing software for Window -based machines. Because the Windows code remains proprietary, third-party manufacturers often cannot construct programs to operate seamlessly with the Windows interface.

Apple's internal development assures that each software program seamlessly integrates with the Macintosh operating system, creating a single program for relevant computer media rather than a sometimes confusing array of Windows products.

Recommendations for the future direction of building out the company's core technical competencies is to continue capitalizing on the unique integration strengths of the company in conjunction with the build-out of innovative new products that align with the unique designer positioning the company has.

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The focus on core competencies needs to also focus on bringing a higher level of urgency to the development of imaging applications that can reside on both the Apple and Microsoft-based operating systems.

This would further their competitive advantage relative to the majority of the PC market that relies on applications not nearly as well designed ergonomically that match how people work and play.

Apple's uniqueness is the design aspects, speed of execution, and ability to define and execute on an entirely new media platform that synthesizes digital music and video that is compatible with cell phones and many other platforms just emerging for example.

Assessing key external and internal forces impacting Apple Computer Apple Computer's unique branding, positioning, development and sales strategies have led to significant strengths in the global market, which help the company attain a global presence, a consistent brand image globally, a highly synergistic portfolio, and strong media content.

These four attributes are the company's global strengths.Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of developing a new frequent shopper program. Details of this program are described in the Service Request SR-kf and on the Sales & Marketing page of the Kudler Fine Foods intranet website.

Organizational Communication Analysis. Organizational Communication Analysis Part II – Interpersonal and Intercultural Paper · Resource: The Virtual Organizations Portal. Choose one of the three critical events listed below that would affect communication within your selected Virtual Organization (Kudler Fine foods).

Nov 24,  · Kudler fine foods product offering essays on abortion Kudler fine foods product offering essays on abortion golden age of athens essays. Ims world review analysis essay reversing thermometer descriptive essay. Data tables are used to arrange data in such a way to represent or communicate data analysis.

Data tables can vary in structure, flexibility, notation, representation and use.

An analysis of the organizational structure of kudler fine foods

This brief will evaluate the design elements of data tables from an accounting perspective for Kudler Fine Foods management. Write a 3- to 5-page paper describing the potential legal, ethical, and information security concerns related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program.

An analysis of the organizational structure of kudler fine foods

Feb 07,  · To cope with the critical risks, the Kudler Fine Food should follow the following risk management plan.

Such risk management plan includes: Identification of risk: This is the first and foremost step in the risk management plan. In this step, organization identifies all .

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