Essay on causes of corruption in india

Cures for corruption Socpe and relevancy of this paper: The allegations of corruption and the peoples movement against corruption is one of the most debated topic in the last one year. The nationwide appraising for irradication of corruption from our democratic system, under the leadership of Anna Hazzare ,had already attracted the attention of government and international media. The latest sitituation is that the central government has been forced to reintroduce the LOK-pal billwhich has previously been unsuccessfull introduced 8 times in between and

Essay on causes of corruption in india

But everyone admits that corruption is something ugly, immoral and detestable. Unfortunately, in our country, corruption has become a part of life. It has entered the very roots of the Indian society. Corruption, nepotism and dishonesty have tarnished every fabric of our social life.

Our ministers are corrupt; our officers are corrupt; our people are corrupt. Every politician, without exception, is corrupt. Even our anti-corruption departments fall an easy prey to the viles of the corrupt persons and they let them go scot free after minor punishment.

The law of a land is too weak to deal with the corrupt elements with an iron hand. The vested interests rule the roost. Everybody feels helpless in such a state of affairs. They argue that we should frankly admit that we are a corrupt nation and that we cannot do without it.

It is a matter of shame and regret for all thee who care to hear the call of their conscience. One feels like crying out with Shakespeare. And that clear honour were purchased by the merit of the wearer!

Long and Short Essay on Corruption Free India in English

During the past few years, the images of the country has been defaced beyond redemption. A large number of scams, involving top politicians, administrators and VVIPs have come to light. These scams, most of them unearthed by the Central Bureau of Investigation, involve huge sums running into thousands of crores.

They have shaken the entire conscience of the country to the bones. The law enforcing agencies are seeking the help of the judicial process to bring the culprits to book.

The judicial system however, is full of flaws and the culprits do not find it very difficult to cleverly escape the legal net. The skeletons in a large number of cup-boards are however, coming out and many nightly ministers, politicians and bureaucrats and being exposed. Law might take decades to assert but it has been fully established that we are a nation full of corrupt elements.

Strongholds of corruption are the departments like the P. Documents and office files to not move unless we grease the palm of the concerned officials. One cannot get the official copy of court judgement from the copying agency in a court unless one pays a fat sum to the agency typist in addition to the official court fee.

Essay on causes of corruption in india

People are beginning to take corruption for granted. The root cause of corruption is red tape or delay. Persons found guilty should be punished severely.

Exemplary punishments should be given to corrupt officials, national character should be improved. Smugglers, black marketeers and hoarders should be severely dealt with. Social and spiritual organizations can give a good healthy education to the public.

Strong boards like the U. Persons of strong character should be employed.Corruption in India has become deep-rooted and is galloping unchecked and unhindered. Very often, we hear the top politicians at the centre and in the states talking of ‘waging war against corruption’, ‘fighting the evil of corruption’, ‘no compromise on corruption’, ‘not to spare any.

Causes of corruption in India

Corruption Free India Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. India, a country that boasts of high values, morals and traditions, is ironically faced with the problem of corruption. Jan 13,  · Causes of Corruption in India Greed.

Greed always related to corruption. Money is the thing which can make you or break you. More the money one gets more they want and if they are not capable of finding legal and honest ways of doing it then they resort to the illegal ways and that’s where the corruption starts/5(12).

Corruption Free India Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. India, a country that boasts of high values, morals and traditions, is ironically faced with the problem of corruption. Causes Of Corruption In India: Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipotent. It has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society.

Essay on causes of corruption in india

Corruption in India has wings, not wheels. As the nation grows, the corrupt also grow to invent new methods of cheating the government and public. The cause of corruption are many and complex. Essay on the Causes of Corruption - Corruption is like blood cancer.

It has taken deep-roots in the country. Corruption in Indian public life is "all pervasive" and that businessmen, bureaucrats, contractors, industrialists, entrepreneurs, journalists, vice-chancellors, teachers, doctors, nurses and the politicians all come under suspicion.

Causes, Consequences and Cures of Corruption in India