Examining the use of social media essay

For instance, the people who routinely get themselves screened for being a carrier for Tay-Sachs disease are a demographic who have an extremely strong historical reason to be worried about Nazi-style dysgenics, and yet, eugenics is exactly what they are doing whenever a couple of them, on learning that they are both carriers, decide to refrain from having children together, or break off their relationship and seek other, non-carrier partners.

Examining the use of social media essay

Examining the use of social media essay

Wright and Michelle Hinson For the past eight years, we have conducted an annual survey measuring how social and other new media technologies are being used in public relations practice. Although others have examined the huge impact new communication media are having on the practice of public relations, there are fewer studies looking at how public relations practitioners actually are using these new media.

The nine-year tracking of new and emerging media use in public relations practice reported about in our research provides one of the most extensive examinations of how social media are being implemented in public relations practice.

In addition to measuring how social media are being employed in the practice of public relations, this study also explores actual new communication media use by individual public relations practitioners.

Our research has found that various new emerging and social communication media have brought dramatic changes to many aspects of public relations practice.

Results across all nine years of our studies suggest that the development of various new and emerging technologies has significantly empowered a wide variety of strategic publics by giving them dynamic ways communicate with a variety of internal and external audiences.

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Highlights of our results include Twitter narrowly replacing Facebook for the first time as the most frequently accessed new medium for public relations activities. LinkedIn and You Tube placed third and fourth.

For the third year in a row, our research found the influence of traditional mainstream news media continuing to weaken.

Our findings show those who practice public relations continue to agree strongly that social and other emerging media are changing the way public relations is practiced. This impact continues to be much more pronounced for external than internal audiences.

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Results in suggest the percentage of time public relations practitioners spend with blogs, social and other emerging media during their workdays is leveling off. Findings on this item are fairly similar to results from and As part of these annual studies we also explore how social and other new media public relations use is being measured and evaluated.

In spite of considerable rhetoric about the importance of this research, we continue to find fewer than half of the public relations practitioners we have surveyed work for organizations or have clients that have conducted research measuring what is being communicated about them via social media, blogs and other emerging media.

The percentage of organizations conducting these measures grew from In spite of these low measures, those who work in public relations continue to tell us they strongly support the idea of conducting new media research and measurement.

Another problem we have found in the category of research, measurement and evaluation is most of the studies actually taking place appear to involve analysis of basic and simplistic measures of communication outputs and content analysis rather than communication outcomes studies exploring the impact this communication might be having on opinion leaders and other influential people or their role influencing attitude, opinion and behavior formation, reinforcement and change.

Methodology for this research involved longitudinal trend analyses with a fairly extensive web-based questionnaire. Data include responses from more than four thousand public relations practitioners averaging more than responses each year since Download a PDF version of the entire report here: Hinson is a Ph.I find that engaging in the constant fighting on social media, namely Facebook, is having an adverse affect on my interpersonal relationships.I get aggro.

I get mean. I even overcompensate in attempts at written humor. Apparently opening oneself up to other people’s rage, ignorance, lies and misery manifests itself negatively in my own life.

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Jul 16,  · I've written two installments in this series (part 1 is here and part 2 is here).And while I could probably turn itemizing complaints about social-media companies into .

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