Foreclosure photo essay

The population was 23, at the census.

Foreclosure photo essay

But this visit will be different. While Voelker Drive still belongs to my family, my grandparents have died and my uncle has moved in.

Foreclosure photo essay

This is a love story about California housing. In this state, homes and dreams have always been emotionally intertwined. Now the dream of owning a house is out of reach for many: Housing of all kinds has become too scarce and too expensive.

As a member of the fourth generation of my California clan to make a home here, I worry about what this may mean for our future and for all our families. InI took Foreclosure photo essay a big mortgage to buy a small, sunbeaten house in the San Gabriel Valley. Keeping up the place has been a struggle, but it caused me to see something new about California housing: Our houses and apartments are very old.

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The median age of a California dwelling is 46 years, while the national median age is Our houses have faded and flipped, had their value destroyed by recession and disasters, and been run down and remodeled.

And so, many of our homes have come to feel less like benefits and more like burdens. Sometimes, our houses break our hearts. So this fall, I returned to six different homes that have been owned by my extended family during the last century.

The two sides of my family represent different strands of the California Dream.

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Over a century, that middle-class family has produced teachers, journalists, and various other educated professionals. On this personal journey, I would often find myself asking: Do we still own our houses and the dreams they embody?

Or do they now own us? Of the six homes, Voelker comes closest to embodying the California dream of the house that can see your family through to a better, richer life.

For 40 years, Californians have let houses rule our state.

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But Prop 13 has raised the costs of housing for newer homeowners like me, cutting into the amount of money we have to maintain our houses.

My grandparents did not have to leave their house, and they also had the foresight to put it in a family trust, allowing my father and my uncle to inherit it cheaply. Indeed, Voelker—all of 1, square feet—is by far the most valuable thing that anyone in my family owns.

My parents and I visited as often as possible, but it felt like a sin: The place also grew weathered. I would encounter similar decay as I visited the five other houses. California homes and dreams are much like the American republic. They require constant vigilance.Go to the photo essay > "The shadow demand is immense," he says, referring to the 50, homes his organization believes are headed into foreclosure.

Foreclosure photo essay

"Most of these homes here," he says. Photo Essay: Midwick View Estates, Unfinished & Foreclosed The City of Monterey Park is now known as the "first suburban Chinatown" because of its majority Asian population, but just around the corner from some of Jonathan Gold's favorite dumplings is a Spanish-style .

Winners will be chosen based on a submitted essay or video (details below), school activities, leadership positions, honors and awards, community service, academic performance, and professional pursuits. Foreclosure is the sequence of legal proceedings by which a lender sells or repossesses a home when the homeowner has stopped making payments on the mortgage.

Essay. Do Californians Love Their Houses Too Much? Photo by Santiago Mejia/San Francisco Chronicle. By , many homes in the neighborhood were in foreclosure, and owners either lost or sold their houses. But in California, one person’s bust is another’s boon.

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