How to write a crying emoticon smiley

Some of these symbols look irregular to numerous clients as they are images from Chinese and Japanese societies.

How to write a crying emoticon smiley

But how do I reflect that gregarious part of my personality through email without being overbearing or annoying?

The question is, while I like using emoticons and seeing them in emails I receive, is it professional to use them in work emails? Where should I and others draw the line?

I decided to create a SurveyMonkey survey to get a feel for the opinions of others. I sent it to all my coworkers as well as my friends on facebooks. I asked four questions and gave people the option to leave a comment.

The results are as follows click to enlarge: I also got some very helpful comments, including: It really depends on the context. I like to use emoticons to break ice or tension.

If I do use one, I try not to do more than one per e-mail. More often than not, I make an effort to avoid emoticons in emails.

Emoticons are appropriate in a personal email but not a work email. The difference being casual versus formal. An emoticon is no more appropriate in a formal email than wearing a bathing suit to work.

It depends on the context. Generally, I think they should be avoided except with people you have a more intimate relationship with. Also, if you can manage to convey your information and emotion without them, your words carry more weight. Between the survey results and the comments, I came to the following conclusion: Chats, messengers, conversations with friends are an absolute go ahead.

Bottom line, if you are to use one or many, keep it simple! Now go get your emoticon on!Implement this library into your SMF Forums! If you own an SMF Forum you can now allow your users to access and use emoticons from this library into posts and topics on your forum, its quick and easy to install using the package manager!

Get the Live Emoticon Library for SMF package NOW!! Emoticons are often used to tell a reader about the general tone of a statement, and can change or improve the reading of plain writing.

Over the years, many kinds of emoticons have been created, and now there are hundreds of known emoticons. The word "emoticon" is a blend of the English words emotion (or emote) and icon.

Mar 13,  · This smiley image suggests a person in deep hilarity. This is the best response to a really funny joke. Crying with laughter facebook emoticon At first glance, this emoticon looks plain crazy for it is crying and laughing at the same time!

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This smiley face connotes someone who is extremely happy or relieved. Facebook Laughing Text Emoticons.

how to write a crying emoticon smiley

Interesting Info-> Computer Help-> Smilies. Smiley Dictionary. Funny List of Text-Based Emoticons for Chat and Text Messaging.

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Classic list of smileys. Note: I did not write all these — and I have no idea who did, it was something that has been published in numerous places online on . Another emoticons that looks almost similar to the crying face emoji the joy of tear emoticon. It has the similar picture of a smiley but the face has a smiling curve to impart an essence of happiness.

As for everyday texting and messaging, writing smiley faces and other emoticons is a proper way to convey emotions and destroy ambiguity. Design your own Emoticons Make your own custom text emoticons fast and easily.

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