How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction

These are all different ways of writing the same thing. So let's actually divide 8 into 7.

How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction

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Nonterminating Decimals. see that this. figure is less than 5, and drop it. Thus, 1/3 rounded to hundredth6 is The other method is to carry the division to the desired number of decimal places and carry the remaining incomplete division as a common fraction-that is, we write the result of a complex decimal. A terminating decimal number is a decimal number with a finite number of digits after the decimal point. For example: It is an exact multiple of a (positive or negative) power of 1 Decimal Expansions of Fractions. Sample task from key is that all remainders which appear in the long division algorithm are less than the divisor: this The fractions with terminating decimals on the list are: 1 2, 1 4, 1 5, 1

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Every terminating decimal representation can be written as a decimal fraction, a fraction whose divisor is a power of 10 (e.g. = / ); it may also be written as a ratio of the form k / 2 n 5 m (e.g. = / 2 3 5 2). In this case, we can see that the decimal fraction of 1/3 is a non-terminating decimal, and we indicate that the 3 is repeated by writing it with a dot on top, as 3˙. So 1/3 as a fraction is a. Section 5'1 Objective: Write fractions as decimals and decimals as fractions' - Writing a Fraction as a Decimal. Divide the numerator by the denominator. Divide the numerator by the denominator. 5.

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Note: A proper fraction changes to a decimal less than l. An improper fraction changes to a decimal that is greater than l. Rewrite the fraction as a decimal. Tell Write each decimal as a fraction or mixed number in simpest form. 1 .

how to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction

If a rational number fraction contains a denominator which only has a prime factor of 2 or 5, or prime factors of both 2 and 5, it can be expressed as a finite decimal, rather than a nonterminating decimal.

Rational numbers and decimal expansions Posted on September 7, by Brent As you may remember from school, rational numbers have a terminating or eventually repeating (periodic) decimal expansion, whereas irrational numbers don’t. Step 2 The denominator of the fraction is a 1 followed by as many zeros as there are places in the decimal.

Step by Step: To Convert a Terminating Decimal Less Than 1 to a Common Fraction CHECK YOURSELF 1 Write as common fractions. (a) (b) Example 2 When a decimal is converted to a common fraction, the common fraction that results should be written in lowest terms.

Fraction and Decimal Concepts. or terminates.

how to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction

A terminating decimal occurs when the division has a remainder of 0. An example is = 1 ÷ 2 = Fractions like cannot be represented by a terminating decimal.

When writing numbers that are less than zero, a 0 is usually placed to the left of the decimal point, such as in Decimal numbers greater than 1 should really be called decimal fractions, because the word “decimal” actually refers only to the part to the right of the decimal point.

Fractions to Decimals is adapted from Findell, Carol and Masunaga, David.

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