Ib history outline for cold war

Include he Korean war and other wars. At the end of WI Stalin had the red army spread throughout Germany and Eastern Europe and it made the impression he was rather occupying it than helping it. Stalin and his wants for Poland. The United States and the Marshall Plan to help raise communism out of Greece and Turkey and to keep communism contained.

Ib history outline for cold war

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Throughout the course of the first semester students will be required to develop a history project research paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, or interpretive website to be submitted for National History Day. Timelines will be distributed on a future date.

International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates will be required to undertake a historical investigation. A title must be developed for the historical investigation which, in order to give focus and direction, must be framed as a question. A written account, of between words will be submitted, which must consist of an outline plan of the historical investigation, a summary of evidence, an evaluation of sources, an analysis, and a conclusion.

A series of free-response essays will be assigned throughout the semester per grading period. Each series of questions will be on a specific topic in-line with IBO requirements for the external assessment portion of the IB History curriculum.


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Analysis of primary sources — both textual and visual — will be essential. The use of historical materials will help students practice using evidence to make plausible arguments.

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Subjects. IB Group 3; The Cold War - Superpower Tensions and Rivalries: IB History Print and Online Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme. IB History Home > Causes & Effects of War Move to Global War Cold War Cold War Planning Documents "There is one sign the Soviets can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace.

Course Syllabus and Outline. Year One -- Semester One. Week One.

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Week Two. Week Three. Week Four. Week Five. IB History of the Americas (HOTA) the Second World War and the Cold War, and their impact on the region, Year at a glance: The following as an outline of the topics to be covered in preparation for the IB history exams in May of 1.

Independence Movements. IB SL History Cold War Outline 1. Uploaded by. IB History - the Cold War Review Terms. Uploaded by.

IB Global Cold War Timeline

Allon Zohan Posen. IB History Exam Tips. Uploaded by.

Ib history outline for cold war

Penguin Mumble. IB HL History Past Paper 3 Questions. Uploaded by. Chris Wong. Castro Notes IB. Uploaded by. Karl Naumann.

Ib history outline for cold war

Mr. Edwards' IB History of the Americas HL Year 1 & 2 Notes (all as links or in pdf format). The lack of CSS on this page is entirely intentional. The cold war was a silent war that was mainly fought through proxy wars by the Soviet Union and the US.

With the dropping of the atomic bombs and the surrender of Japan in , the foreign policy of both of the countries changed rapidly to increase influence across the world.

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