Identifying themes

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Identifying themes


To stay competitive, original equipment manufacturers OEMs will need to sustain momentum while developing new technology capabilities, customer offerings, and business models.

Management attention Identifying themes OEM businesses has traditionally focused on the known, the visible, and the predictable. Anything too difficult to measure is too often treated as if it were unreal. Such assumptions leave little room for dynamic management or creation of change, the early identification of emerging markets or technical discontinuities, or the increased presence of unfamiliar competitors.

Traditional planning processes, with their linear view and built-in bias towards the established and predictable, will fail to prepare OEMs for the significant changes coming. OEMs will need to be better at spotting emergent trends and being able to quickly respond to new market entrants with new technologies or evolving competitive threats.

What growth themes should OEMs be focused on in the coming years? The advent of connectivity for intelligent equipment and machines is enabling asset monitoring and tracking to ensure uptime, performance, availability, software version control, and location analysis for a wide range of applications.

The overall health of the global economy and global gross domestic product GDP growth historically tie closely to growth of equipment, machines and capital equipment. For leadership teams in OEMs, identifying and understanding key forces and trends and their potential impacts on their specific product, machine or systems segment, will be critical for sustaining growth and performance in the long run.

Leadership in equipment manufacturers and machine builders will face tough trade-off decisions related to new technology and innovation investments as well as rapidly evolving business and operating models. Technologies, markets, customer needs and competitors are all changing rapidly.

Consider just a few of the many forces at work in the marketplace today: Virtually any product or services segment likely had tens if not many tens of competitors thirty years ago. Shorter management horizons and increased pressures from investors are what drives businesses today with less emphasis on longer term investments in new growth.

For OEMs to succeed in their core product businesses they will need to continue to carefully set priorities and investments to address prevailing trends in the marketplace.

Identifying themes

Innovation for the core business are, for the most part, sustaining, incremental and continuous. Performance measurement, repeatability, risk management, continuous improvement and financial discipline are minimum requirements to help drive a continuing cycle of improved costs and higher levels of customer support.

This, we believe, is but one example of the extraordinary effects new systems technology will have on OEMs. Trying to coordinate and leverage the respective roles of new digital and smart systems technologies and new business models creates contention. Many of the OEMs we have worked with are coming to see the continuously evolving relationship between these two dimensions as fertile ground for innovation.

They need to be interwoven and mutually supportive. In fact, from our own direct consulting experiences, we believe success in either — technology innovation and business models — increasingly goes to the company that effectively utilizes the combined potential of both.Techniques to Identify Themes in Qualitative Data Gery W.

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GOER is pleased to announce the addition of the Adoption Advantage Account to the Flex Spending Account (FSA) beginning January 1, This type of FSA allows eligible state employees the opportunity to set aside pre-tax deductions for expenses related to adopting a child.

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