Is international law effective essay

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Is international law effective essay

July 23, Welcome to another guide which will give you some evidence for you to include in your Trial exam for legal in less than a week!

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Been a bit slack on looking for cases and laws? Never fear, these guides will give you the starting blocks for an awesome essay. This guide is going to look at International Crime.

This is a super common essay question. So, could it be asked again? Maybe, but they are likely not to repeat themselves. But is it a very likely candidate for the HSC?

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Laws First up, the big laws. International Crime is a domestic and international issue, so you should have a mix of both. Feel free to borrow criminal legislation from my other guides to use in any capacity which you find relevant. However, some additions which probably only have relevance here.

You should remember that the ICC convicts criminals charged with crimes against humanity. No IC essay is complete without mentioning this.

For brownie points, mention that Australia is a signatory, and that the treaty is enforced under the International Criminal Court Act Cth.

The Geneva Conventions These conventions contain international standards regarding interstate international conflict.

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An essential mention when talking about international cooperation, and obviously easy to appraise. For something more tricky, you can talk about the fact that this is a piece of soft lawit cannot be enforced in any way.

Big drawback, and a search of the news the morning of your Trials will undoubtedly give you some examples of countries breaking these conventions to play with! Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide This convention imposes conditions on member states to prevent genocide.

Simple solution, include both. Australian Federal Police Act Cth I mentioned that domestic legislation is essential, and this is a nice one to include.

This act is what gives federal police the powers they need to stop transnational crime. You can argue the usual stuff about police powers see my other guidesor for a little more, pull in human rights and use the recent Bali executions as an example.

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The more responses you include, the better, and you can still just evaluate them collectively to a degree. Treaty on Extradition Between Australia and the United States This is my favourite piece of law to include, because I doubt almost anyone else will.

Is international law effective essay

A very sophisticated argument to make is that international crime can only be dealt with by cooperating nation states. This treaty represents cooperation between Australia and the US; they agree to extradite criminals back and forth to be prosecuted.

It works nicely with that argument, or any argument concerning cooperation between nation states. There are quite a few you can include, but here are my favourites. It is a big must to include these in any essay, and you can use it in any way you please.

Argue that the ICC has shown success in prosecuting two prominent war criminals, thus evidencing the beginnings of an effective mechanism for combatting international crime.

Or argue that high costs over 1 billion US dollars, nice statistic to include do not justify only two convictions, and that the ICC is essentially powerless due to state sovereignty anyway. Both work nicely, you could even weigh them against each other.

Is international law effective essay

The Wonderland Club Rather than a single case, this was actually a whole bunch of cases. A number of child pornographers were arrested simultaneously in almost half a dozen countries, evidencing effective cooperation between nation states.

If you can do some research though, go for it! R v Tang This was a people trafficking case.Example Law Essays. Security Council Resolutions and Public International Law.

The International court of justice held that it is for non-member states to act in accordance (sic) with those decisions (of the UN security council) This essay will consider the topic of how adequately intellectual property rights protect the position of .

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International law can therefore be called “real law,” but with different characteristics from the law practiced in domestic settings, where there is a legislature, judiciary, executive, and police force.

The International Law Commission was established by the General Assembly in to promote the progressive development of international law and its codification.

The Commission is composed of The rejection by Israel of the international court of justice's opinion on the wall in Palestine is not the first time the court's view has been rubbished, and will be ignored, by the losing party.

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