John proctor fault in the crucible

I will go down for my actions.

John proctor fault in the crucible

Student Answers verbaveritatis Student At the onset of his arrival, Revered Hale enters Salem with confidence carrying books on the subjects of spirits and witches.

John proctor fault in the crucible

He takes the subject of witchcraft very seriously, and even comments about how it is best not to jump to conclusions on the matter. Throughout the course of his investigation, and the court proceedings, Hale initially believes the girls, and their claims of witchcraft against others.

The first change we see sparked in Hale is in Act Two when Proctor confesses to Hale that Abigail told him that the sickness was not a result of witchcraft.

He tries to explain to the accused that even though they know the truth, they will have to lie to save their lives, and he encourages them to do so.

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In the end, we see Reverend Hale as a man who is a hundred and eighty degrees different, figuratively speaking, than he was at the start of the play. Ironically enough, even though he disagrees with the court, and knows the truth about the witch trails, as minister who initially confirmed the validity of the later to be known false accusations, he has no authority to save those affected by his misjudgment.

He holds himself responsible, and maybe he should, but regardless of any impending doom that awaits those condemned, he still knows that their deaths are without justification.

At the end we see, as John Proctor called him earlier in the play, a truly broken minister; one who now has pause to question the very foundation of everything that was only a short time ago so certain to him upon his initial arrival in Salem.Abigail Williams, as one of the first to bring accusations of witchcraft against others in Salem, is a central figure in The Crucible.

Strong-willed and intelligent, Abigail uses social paranoia. Oct 12,  · The Crucible: an Analysis of John Proctor. Lower Joshua 10/12/11 Fry 5th hour The Crucible: An analysis of John Proctor In early America, witches, murder, death, and the devil were always present, a supernatural norm.

In fact, it is still the norm for all of the Faith holding people in the world.

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The Crucible - John Proctor, a man with pride John Proctor plays the leading role in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. He was persistent, honest, and full of integrity. The tragic hero is a longstanding literary concept, a character with a Fatal Flaw (like Pride, for example) who is doomed to fail in search of their Tragic Dream despite their best efforts or good intentions.

This trope is rare on television, perhaps because watching someone fail once teaches a.

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PROCTOR, laughing bitterly: Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer! (II) (II) Elizabeth is a good and just woman, but forgiveness is difficult under any circumstances—and as a result, her husband feels judged every day of their marriage.

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John proctor fault in the crucible

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