Kes essay

Kes Essay Help kes essay help Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Kes Essay In this essay I will be writing about the play Kes,

Kes essay

His books and online materials are popular in the UK and internationally. For a full biography, click here. This cannot be said of all independent schools! The exams are fairly challenging, but within the reach of any child with a good grasp of the core Kes essay curriculum, who has practised carefully with similar kinds of plus test paper.

A small application fee is required from most parents.

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Exams in English, maths and verbal reasoning Kes essay held at the beginning of October. Interviews for some candidates are held in November.

These are focused on scholarship and bursary candidates, and boys whose exam results were on the borderline between acceptance and rejection. Offers go out in December. There are other dates for music scholarships, etc. Please be aware that entrance exams and admissions processes can change from year to year.

The questions are very clearly explained. If a child reads the instructions for each one carefully, they should have little doubt about what they need to do. There are two sections: However, do not misinterpret this as requiring you to repeat the question! The KES comprehension paper tends to include a significant number of questions, but many of these are short.

There is sometimes more answer space than you will need. In a less clear exam, this would make it hard to second-guess how much of an answer is required. The questions are wide ranging, and require a good grasp of all the main plus skills: The focus is on being clear and specific, and it is unlikely that boys will need to know how to structure a lengthy answer.

The best preparation for this test is with practice papers — preferably ones with worked solutions so that boys can see what sort of answer is most effective for each kind of question — and by using a range of past papers from other independent schools for instance, here.

Creative Writing Once again, the examiners are extremely clear about what they want.

Kes essay

The task itself is often described in some detail, with clear advice: If you do something different from what is required, you will lose marks. The school is looking for accurate, well-paragraphed writing, and for descriptive flair.

The school is keen to see dialogue, so make sure that you know how to punctuate speech correctly. The most extensive range of creative writing papers with worked example answers and marking advice, well matched to the KES exam, is available from 11 Plus Lifeline.

The Maths Exam The KES maths exam is a fair test, because although some of the later questions are quite tricky, they are well grounded in the core primary school KS2 curriculum. Therefore, steady practice with relevant plus materials such as these is sensible.

There are two stages of exam preparation:Main Points of Barry Hines' "Kes" Essay. Main Points of Barry Hines' "Kes" In this essay, I intend to discuss three main points highlighted in Barry Hines’ play, ‘Kes’.

The main theme that I will explore is how Barry Hines viewed teachers in the ’s (when the book was first written). This essay will compare the presentation of Mercutio's character in the drama text and film adaption and discuss how he is a compelling and extremely important part in both versions.

In the play, when we first meet Mercutio he is accompanying Romeo to the ball.


Work involves a mixture of literary study, creative writing, tuition in essay techniques, writing skills, drama and oral work. All boys are entered for IGCSE examinations in both English and English Literature, and continue to study English Literature as part of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Database of FREE English essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample English essays! Unlike at some other schools, the KES examiners rarely set longer, ‘mini-essay’ comprehension questions.

The English Exam

The focus is on being clear and specific, and it is unlikely that boys will need to know how to structure a lengthy answer. The Best Service of Essay Writing. All of the writers in our bestessays company are aware of what scores highly.

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