Modern history australian identity

Chapter summary The lifestyle of people in a country shapes part of their sense of identity Popular pastimes for many Australians include going to beaches or pubs, eating and drinking with friends, travelling and going to festivals Many Australians love sport, whether they are playing it or just watching. Others are more interested in the arts Australians have access to many different forms of media.

Modern history australian identity

A painting depicting the Castle Hill convict rebellion in From until the defence of the Australian colonies was mostly provided by British Army regular forces. Originally Marines protected the early settlements at Sydney Cove and Norfolk Islandhowever they were relieved of these duties in by a British Army unit specifically recruited for colonial service, known as the New South Wales Corps.

Chief of these shortcomings was the Rum Rebelliona coup mounted by its officers in By25 British infantry regiments had served in Australia, as had a small number of artillery and engineer units.

Notably British soldiers were involved in the battle at the Eureka Stockade in on the Victorian goldfields. However, in Australia was established as a separate squadron under the command of a commodoremarking the first occasion that Royal Navy ships had been permanently stationed in Australia.

Such a policy did not actually exist at the time. European diseases decimated Aboriginal populations, and the occupation or destruction of lands and food resources sometimes led to starvation.

Not all Aboriginal groups resisted white encroachment on their lands, while many Aborigines served in mounted police units and were involved in attacks on other tribes. As a result, there was not a single war, but rather a series of violent engagements and massacres across the continent.

This warfare contradicts the popular and at times academic "myth" of peaceful settlement in Australia. Faced with Aboriginal resistance settlers often reacted with violence, resulting in a number of indiscriminate massacres.

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Among the most famous is the Battle of Pinjarra in Western Australia in Such incidents were not officially sanctioned however, and after the Myall Creek massacre in New South Wales in seven Europeans were hanged for their part in the killings.

Although it began in failure for the British, it ultimately resulted in considerable casualties amongst the native population. Although many more Aborigines died than British, this may have had more to do with the technological and logistic advantages enjoyed by the Europeans.

Unlike the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and North Americaon the main Aborigines failed to adapt to meet the challenge of the Europeans. Although there were some instances of individuals and groups acquiring and using firearms, this was not widespread.

This could sometimes be effective, with reports of them advancing in crescent formation in an attempt to outflank and surround their opponents, waiting out the first volley of shots and then hurling their spears while the settlers reloaded.

However, such open warfare usually proved more costly for the Aborigines than the Europeans. Central to the success of the Europeans was the use of firearms.

It is in the latter of these novels where Carey most clearly grapples with the history and cultural identity of Australia, using the legendary exploits of the Kelly Gang as a lens through which he views the violent panorama of Australian history. In the mid 20th century, as pressure built to express a uniquely Australian identity in music, composers such as John Antill and Peter Sculthorpe drew influence from nature and Aboriginal culture, and Richard Meale turned to south-east Asian music. Nigel Butterley combined his penchant for international modernism with an own individual . Underpinning the vast wilderness and thriving cities of contemporary Australia is a profoundly complex national identity, which has been filtered through a history of conquest and colonization. Understanding this mass of contradictions is a difficult task, both for locals and outsiders, and these.

However, the advantages afforded by firearms have often been overstated.Helping you find government information and services. Search form.

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Search. It is in the latter of these novels where Carey most clearly grapples with the history and cultural identity of Australia, using the legendary exploits of the Kelly Gang as a lens through which he views the violent panorama of Australian history.

This is because lifestyle is shaped by a country's important features such as its history, politics, wealth, climate and culture.

Modern history australian identity

Australia is known for being a good place to live because of its lifestyle, which offers most people quite a bit of freedom and choice.

The culture of Australia is a Western culture, derived primarily from Britain but also influenced by the unique geography of Australia, the cultural input of Aboriginal, . Creating a shared national identity for a modern Australia How a simple flag can unite a nation.

Why Australia needs a new flag, and how a new flag could forge a unified and proud national identity. Radio Australia's Australia Now.

A part series produced by Radio Australia in conjunction with the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University in .

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