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The shows lasted a month and although it drew a large crowd not many paintings were actually sold. As the years progressed so did Monet's technique. By the mid's he had achieved much recognition and he was also, finally, financially secure.

Monet1 essay

The monomyth is made up of three stages that the hero moves through. The stages are departure or separation, Monet1 essay or initiation, and return and reintegration.

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Within the departure are several short events: The story begins with a first person perspective of an unknown protagonist. The unknown protagonist receives his call to adventure when he notices a well-dressed young man in his mids in the elevator.

At this stage the protagonist is not aware that everything in his life is going to change. Without looking back the protagonist left the young man to cry alone. In order for the character to guide him back to his quest, a guiding spirit appears and causes the hero to commit consciously or unconsciously to the adventure.

The guiding spirit that helped the protagonist was his own curiosity and concern about the young man. The protagonist fully accepts the quest to find the knowledge that he needs to answer his unanswered questions.

Early Years: 1845-1870

The protagonist moves onto his next stage, Struggle or initiation. Within the Struggle are several short events: A goddess figure introduces the protagonist to the concept of unconditional love and acceptance, and triumphing over his fears and frustration. The protagonist is still frustrated about how he was not there for the young man.

Not the big-city thing…the human thing.

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This was his epiphany for the protagonist. Now the protagonist faces the final test in his journey. The demon that the hero must triumph over is the setting of the story, the big-city. The protagonist triumphs over his demon with his new found knowledge about unconditional love and acceptances of others then returns home as a rebirth of a new self into a new life.

The protagonist enters the final stage, Return and reintegration.Painting Description Essay Humanities There are many paintings in the world and as a modern society that is everyday evolving; we must be able to describe the paintings we see.

Monet1 essay

The monomyth is “one of the dominant archetypal pattern in literature, film, and even video game text is the story of a journey. ” Through an in-depth analysis of The Step not taken by Paul D’Angelo, this essay will give an explanation of the three stages of a monomyth.

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Monet1 essay

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Monet was born on Nov. 14, in Paris, France and started showing an appreciation for art at an early age. When he was nineteen Monet decided that he wanted to attend art school and soon after that he entered the studio of Charles Glegre.

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