Much ado about nothing coursework

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Much ado about nothing coursework

How far do you agree that The Important of Being Earnest can only be referred to as a satire? The Importance of Being Earnest can not only be viewed as a Satire as there are many different comedic genres within the play. Throughout all the play within the setting, language and characters presented clearly match a wide variety of comedic genres.

The Importance of Being Earnest can be seen as a satire because there are many different conventions of a satire that are within the play.

The characters are extremely satirical, with their language and attitude. Chasuble is a good example of this, he is a minister, yet he mocks the church. This is satirical because the audience expects a Priest to be of the highest class and be extremely calm whereas Chasuble seems to be quite out going and expressible.

He is the complete opposite of what he should be, which is satirical because it is not what the audience expects.

Much ado about nothing coursework

The setting of the play can be seen as having conventions of a satire with in it with the town vs. The language used within The Importance of Being Earnest makes the play very satirical. The use of puns, witticisms, epigrams and bathos shows this.


The most obvious way it fits into the generic conventions of a Comedy of Manners is the characters within the play. Within this play, there are features of it being a farce. A hundred and thirty thousand pounds! And in the Funds!


She is extreme when it comes to decisions; she is either one or another. Wilde has done this to mock the upper class to make upper class people only thinking about money and staying within the upper class because at this time in England being in the upper class was the most important thing.

Much ado about nothing coursework

This can be because Oscar Wilde has been seen to be a Marxist, which would come through in his writing, to mock the upper class. The Importance of Being Earnest can also be seen as a Farce by the improbably situations the characters are put in, the situations the characters have to overcome are extremely exaggerated for the comedy within the play.

These situations are sorted out in the denouement very quickly in the last scene, which shows the comedy within the play because the audience will find it funny that the characters are shown to be upset about the most silliest things all throughout the play, but then all the problems are solved or sorted within the space of a few minutes.

This is funny because this shows that none of the problems were very serious to start with and the characters have been bothered about nothing throughout the entire play.

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Much Ado About Nothing Coursework | Essay Example

So far, students have completed coursework based on the works of Shakespeare, specifically The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth. This is part of Unit 3 in the specification: 'The significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage'.

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Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Much Ado About Nothing is a play that Shakespeare wrote as a comedy for the Elizabethan audience. In this essay I am going to analyse and study the characters that provide comedy and the different aspects of comedy in the play.

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