Planning a new program launch at ldc

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Planning a new program launch at ldc

We have been told this year again saw record volumes of packages delivered. This volume pushed the overtime to levels we have not seen in many years. Paul Area Local worked hard to not have non-list employees forced to work overtime it did occur on a few days in December this year.

With all the problems increased work hours and volume creates for our members, it is clear we survived another Christmas as expected. Early in management implemented a new Function 1 Labor Scheduler and the people in Washington Planning a new program launch at ldc who crunch the numbers decided the Postal Service was experiencing a financial shortage and the solution was to attack full time positions in the Processing and Distribution Plants.

This plan was to reduce 16, full-time duty assignments in these Processing Plants. Paul was not immune to this reduction. Starting in March, local management was told by the adjustments of some expectations in the programs the Plant was no longer efficient and needed to reduce full-time duty assignments.

Paul Area Local is using the grievance process to protect as many full-time duty assignments as possible. The first case on this attack had an Arbitration hearing on December We hope to hear the results by the end of January In Novembermanagement determined it needed to reduce even more full-time duty assignments and met with the Union with its plan to excess full-time employees from the Installation in February On December 23,management presented the members with a preference sheet of seven positions which were available to full-time employees within the 50 miles radius required in the contract.

There were numerous contractual violations in how the jobs were presented and the St. Paul Area Local educated management on these issues. Just after the closing date on the preference process the St. Paul Area Local was informed by Lead MDO for the Northland District the preference process was being cancelled and they would look to move people at the next moving date.

While not stating specifically, the next moving date will be in early May This preference process created a great deal of stress and unknowns for those affected over the holidays.

While we were not able to solve this stress for our members, we are happy the process was cancelled and delayed for 90 days. This will allow us to continue to work hard to minimize the impact and maybe remove the threat of excessing from the installation over this time period. It will be a difficult negotiation with the present financial condition of the USPS.

Planning a new program launch at ldc

The contractual provisions which have allowed us to protest the reduction of full-time jobs will be under a great deal of pressure as management tries to tilt the scales towards the ability to reduce full-time duty assignments. Contract negotiations need the members to be involved through their solidarity support of the Union.

We are better together as we try and negotiate a better tomorrow. I know many members think the Union not been strong in this struggle.


However, looking at the history of the APWU it has been a steady march forward in protecting good paying jobs which provide many benefits to family members and its communities. It is clear when we fight we win. Paul Area Local will continue the fight in to protect these good full-time jobs.

We ask the members continue to support us in this struggle. Paul Installation As the financial crisis for the United States Postal Service deepens, management continues its attack on full-time jobs.

On November 2,management conducted a regional notification of their intent to reduce full-time duty assignments from to in the St. Article 12 of the National Agreement requires this meeting.

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In addition, the Minneapolis Area Local was informed management intends to excess 98 full-time employees. This excess event is supposed to occur the first week of February Contract limits the excessing to a 50 mile radius. The 50 mile radius for both installations will create a significant issue for management to find full-time residual duty assignments to place employees into.

In a Flash bulletin in late October I informed the membership of this possibility from looking at the proposals to change the start times of 80 full-time duty assignments and repost duty assignments.

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Paul Area Local has initiated and processed grievances concerning the first round of this slash and burn process and appealed many of them to Step 3 of the grievance arbitration process. This crux of this dispute is scheduled for arbitration December 19, It is anticipated the decision will be received prior to the February excessing date.

If we are successful in the contractual dispute the impact out of installation could be reduced due to the return of duty assignments improperly reverted.

The next set of cases being processed presently at Step 2 are the abolishments which occurred September 30, and the employees remaining unassigned regulars.

Paul Area Local is committed to defending full-time jobs being reduced. One of the most offensive and confusing parts of these actions is the same week we are being told we have all these excess employees, a lawn sign goes up in front of every post office and the processing plant in St.Redis scripting has support for MessagePack because it is a fast and compact serialization format with a simple to implement specification.

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