Rajaraja cholan

Southern India Empires The southern portion of the subcontinent has often followed a different course of development than the center and north. Here the non-Aryan Dravidians retreated, and here have been the loci of several large and powerful states. Currently, this listing memorializes the last two.

Rajaraja cholan

A fierce warrior, a brilliant architect, a great philanthropist, but most of all, a man whose death is shrouded in mystery. He is known as the first Dravidian king who documented almost his entire life on stone inscriptions and copper plates, but no information is available about his death.

It almost feels like a great king simply vanished into thin air, after a certain point in time. I was told that his tombstone lies in the small village of Udayalur, in Tamil Nadu. This is where he is rumored to have been buried or cremated.

Rajaraja cholan

When I visited this place, I was surprised to see a rather small, but beautiful lingam. This could be of priceless historic value, so I took careful measurements.

He said this Lingam is the tombstone of Raja Raja Chola, and the place had been visited by numerous people, including local politicians and movie stars. I asked him if he knew how Raja Raja died, and he told me he died naturally of old age and was cremated right here.

A closeup of the back of lingam shows no carvings and chipping at the top. Did Raja Raja die here? Why would a great king have such a small, almost anonymous grave? You can see there are no inscriptions, no other carvings on this lingam or anywhere in this site.

Remember, Raja Raja built the greatest temple in India Brihadeeswarar temple which is now declared a world heritage site and his accomplishments and other information are inscribed all over the walls in many temples. So, I asked this gentleman, if there is any evidence to prove that this is in fact Raja Raja's grave.

He told me there used to be a pillar here and it was donated to a temple called Paalkulathu amman temple, a few miles away. He said that this pillar has inscriptions which proves that Raja Raja died here. The inscription on the pillar at Paalkulathu Amman temple shows the word "Raja Raja" in Tamil So, I decided to travel to this temple and take a look at this pillar myself.

As soon as I reached the temple, I immediately spotted the pillar. The pillar does contain the word "Raja Raja" so it is obviously related to the King, but I was not able to completely understand what the inscription said.

Luckily, the words carved are still clearly visible, even after many centuries. So, I took a lot of pictures and copied the entire writings on a scratchpad.

I contacted an epigraphist, who was able to tell me exactly what was written in this pillar. I double checked this information with another expert as well, to make sure this transcription is error free.

The entire inscription in Tamil, found at the pillar of Paalkulathu Amman temple Above: English translation of the Tamil inscription, which shows it has nothing to do with Raja Raja Chola's death So, looking at the above transcriptions, the gist is simply this: The inscription includes those 4 names and that is all the information we see on this pillar.

The inscription has no reference to the death or grave of the King at all. This shows that the site of this lingam is probably not Raja Raja's grave and there is no actual evidence to claim so.

The first part of line by line translation of the pillar inscription, from Tamil to English. Click picture to enlarge Above: The second part of line by line translation of the pillar inscription, from Tamil to English.

Click picture to enlarge This also answered a question that has troubled me ever since I heard about this "grave". Why hasn't the Government turned this into a big monument to commemorate this great King?

The reason for this is simple: I imagine that this pillar's inscription had already been studied by experts, which is why they have left it as it is. This raises the question of what happened to Raja Raja, how did he die?

Where did his funeral take place? Think a moment, there are hundreds, if not thousands of stone inscriptions and copper plates about Raja Raja's accomplishments, how he conquered various territories, how he built the great temple and even when he was born.

But there is no information whatsoever about when or how he died and where he was cremated. Or he could still lay buried in a large earthen pot called Mudhumakkal Thazhiwhich is the ancient funeral custom of Tamils.

So I decided to go back to Thanjavur to find out more about his death, which was the capital of Chola empire until he died.

Tamil Nadu

Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur, declared a world heritage site - built by the great king Raja Raja Chola I contacted several archeologists and they told me that the primary reason why a King's death would not recorded is if the King died an unnatural death.

For example, if a King committed suicide or was murdered, then the ancient Tamils would not record that.Attention to users! regardbouddhiste.com app is temporarily unavailable in google playstore. It will be resumed shortly. Regret for inconvenience.

In Indian history, King Raja Raja Chola occupies a special place. A fierce warrior, a brilliant architect, a great philanthropist, but most . go TOP LIST OF TELUGU MUDIRAJ SURNAMES - ANDHRA PRADESH: The following are some of the surnames of Telugu Mudiraj people with (gotram) within brackets- These names are collected through internet search and personal inquiry made by Mr.

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Rajaraja cholan

Jul 10,  · Origins The Kongu Vellala Gounders were referred as Gangakulam (Tamil: கங்காகுலம்) meaning the one descended from the King Gangadatta (Sanskrit: meaning "the one" given by the Goddess Ganga) (Tamil: கங்கதத்தன்) in Tamil, Hindu literature and religious works.

The name Gounder is a caste title derived from the Sangam Tamil word Kamindan (root word . Sources. The story of Karikala is mixed with legend and anecdotal information gleaned from Sangam regardbouddhiste.com only sources available are the numerous mentions in Sangam poetry.

Rajaraja was born Arulmozhi Vendar and was the third child of Parantaka Sundara Chola. Rajaraja Chola's mother, Vaanavan Maadevi, was the daughter of Thirukkovilur king, Malayamaan Thirumudi Kaari.

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