Short essay on republic day

January 26th is celebrated by Indians as Republic Day. We celebrate it every year. It was on this day inthat India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic and gave to itself a constitution of its own. The Republic Day is celebrated all over the country as well as all over the world by Indians with great pomp and show In Delhi it is celebrated amidst great enthusiasm and joy.

Short essay on republic day

India became an Independent Nation on 15th August, On 26th January, India was formerly declared Republic. In Republic, the supreme power is held not by a monarch, but by the elected representatives of the people, along with an elected President.

So this day is celebrated as the Republic Day. It is a National holiday. In the morning there is a flag hoisting ceremony. We remember the freedom fighters who gave us freedom.

It is because of them that we are enjoying our freedom today. Various speakers urge the people to remain united and respect their country.

The programme comes to an end when everyone stands up to sing the National Anthem. In Delhi, on the occasion of Republic day, a parade is held every year on Rajpath where contingents of armed forces march, latest weapons are displayed.

Different states depicting their culture and progress are taken out. People from all over the country come to witness this parade. The National flag is flown a top in all government offices and buildings. The 66th Republic day celebration ceremony in India was held on 26th January, Barack Obama, 44th President of the Unites States of America, was invited as chief guest to attend the ceremony.

It was a moment of respect and self-esteem for the Indians.Orientation Identification. The Kongo Kingdom was one of the great early empires in central Africa.

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Essay on Republic Day – In India, Republic Day is celebrated as an annual festival on the 26th day of January every year.

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Short essay on republic day

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