Smrt bus driver strike case analysis

Haze is an air-borne mixture of pollutants that includes soot particles, carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. The protestors, who were all Chinese nationals, were aggrieved at the disparity between their wages and those of their Malaysian counterparts. They were also disgruntled at the poor living conditions and how their complaints had been ignored.

Smrt bus driver strike case analysis

The challenges and changes in the operating landscape that SMRT faces are numerous and multi-faceted. These include the doubling of the rail network byheightened regulatory standards, increasing ridership and commuter expectations, alongside an ageing infrastructure and workforce. To overcome these challenges, the firm took deliberate steps to grow and professionalise its railway workforce, especially in railway engineering.

The firm has established Memorandums of Understanding and co-launched courses with academic institutions such as the Institute of Technical Education, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and Singapore Institute of Technology.

Smrt bus driver strike case analysis

The parties work closely together to co-design the course curriculum, exchange instructional services, and create industrial attachment opportunities for students. SMRT has also been enhancing its own professional roadmaps and training programmes. In Maythe company launched the SMRT train engineer professionalisation STEP roadmap, which not only provides development opportunities for staff to gain internationally recognised professional accreditation, but also grooms them to become well-rounded individuals.

In addition, voluntary attrition rates halved to reach a low of 5.Nov 30,  · Based on what has happened, my personal analysis is that nowadays the Management in most of our companies and even our civil service are not in touch with the ground.

In this case, if the Management is aware the problem would have been addressed and .

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SMRT investigating case of Singapore bus driver being unable to communicate in English and going on 'strike'!

About SMRT bus drivers recruited from China have agreed to go back to work today, after day-long talks with the bus operator over salary, and work and living issues.

The drivers had. Case study: A platform to enhance HR’s bandwidth. and rebuild trust with the public and other stakeholders in the aftermath of the rail disruptions and illegal bus strike, SMRT embarked on a “service excellence” campaign to inspire and achieve higher service quality.

A study of union, management and employees’ relationship and dispute management SMRT Bus Driver Case: More pay but more work? A study of union, management . SMRT drivers’ strike — a stand for dignity Posted by Volunteer Writing Team on March 31, in Articles, Stories On 26 November , bus drivers from SMRT Corp did not turn up for work.

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