Social entrepreneurship in india

Social Entrepreneurship in India: An Exploratory Study Hemantkumar P.

Social entrepreneurship in india

With a billion dollars waiting to be invested in social enterprises and success stories like Husk Power Systems, Rangsutra, dLight, Waterlife and Vaatsalya Healthcare regularly making the rounds in global social entrepreneurship circles, the country is clearly a very important market. If we have inadvertently left out a luminary, apologies in advance.

Here they are, the top The Mahatma was a man obsessed with sustainability, being environment friendly, making the best use of local resources, growth of villages, power of cooperatives, promoting local industry and community-driven initiatives.

If social entrepreneurs can be described as visionaries who solve old problems with new ways of thinking Gandhi certainly fits the bill. He always spoke of growing local cottage industry, like Khadi, being self-reliant and Social entrepreneurship in india the community own enterprises.

His first initiative was to address the water situation by making the villagers self-sustainable by setting up water pumps that were maintained by the villagers.

Roy, incidentally is married to Aruna Roy- the woman who made the Right to Information Act a reality. Gupta, a professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad sinceis a true advocate of the grassroots revolution. To date, his endeavors document more than 1,00, ideasinnovations and traditional knowledge practices.

When he first started he had problems with creating awareness about solar and had to install the first lighting solutions free of cost to demonstrate its value. In the past 18 years more than 1. To date the centre has mentored four social entrepreneurs, with another six currently going through the mentoring process.

Hande has also started Selco Foundationthe philanthropic arm of Selco, which seeks to provide the rural poor with renewable energy services, that can be leveraged for income generating activities. Venkataswamy, founder of Aravind Eye Hospital: Venakataswamy also known as Dr V founded Aravind Eye Hospital in as a way to provide affordable eye-care to the millions who had no access to quality healthcare.

The story goes that Dr. Venkataswamy very nearly did not become a doctor because he developed rheumatoid arthritis when he had enrolled in the Indian Army Medical Corps, which was so severe that he was unable to hold a pen.

He returned to medical school, earned his degree and ended up doing surgeries a day at his peak. There must also be the joy of doing something beautiful. To date, his hospital has attended to 32 million patients and performed nearly 4 million eye surgeries, majority of them being low-cost or free.

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Wondering what telecom mogul Mittal is doing in a list of social entrepreneurs? Mittal is the secret social entrepreneur in this top 10 list. His ingenuity lay in driving down costs of mobile telephony that allowed for the poor to use mobiles for news, information, entertainment and keeping in touch.

Farmers can now receive crop and weather related information over the phone, blue-collar workers can search for new, higher paying jobs and fishermen can get a better price for their catch.

His company has more than million subscribers who enjoy voice and data services, out of which 84 million are based in the hinterland. Besides his work with Airtel, Mittal also set up the Bharti Foundation into do philanthropic work in the area of education and empowering youth from low-income communities through entrepreneurship.

Rai could be the most important man in the world of Indian social entrepreneurship at present. He has nurtured plenty of social enterprises by investing in them including rangSutra art and craft producerVaatsalya Healthcare an affordable hospital chain based in semi-urban and rural areas and Waterlife affordable water solutions for the poor.

His roots in microfinance went back to the time when as a Fulbright Scholar in India inAkula led a government-funded action-research project that provided micro-credit to poor farmers for food security.

Since the microfinance controversy that involved his company SKS Microfinance, and his acrimonious exit from the very company he founded, Akula has made very few public appearances and largely stayed away from making public appearances. The reason why Akula makes this list is very simple.

He showed India and the world that social enterprises can achieve enormous scale. Akula, for all criticism, had his heart in the right place when he started the company. Having enjoyed an illustrious career, in the past, he has been an advisor to the Prime Minister on public information infrastructure and innovations and chairman of the National Knowledge Commission.

Currently he is the driving force behind the National Innovation Council, the council tasked with driving innovation in the country, by adopting the principles of inclusive growth. Some of the interesting initiatives that Pitroda is driving through the council is the setting up of a Rs 5, crore venture fund for social ventures, the open government data drive and the Planning Commission organized hackathons.

The Rs 5, crore India Inclusive Innovation Fund plans to invest in social enterprises that are driving innovation at addressing problems at the bottom of the pyramid BoP. Pitroda believes that the data.Home Top Counts Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India. Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India.

By. Aritra Raj - January 20, Facebook. Below are the top 10 social entrepreneurs of our country: the Skill Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Her work has also been published in reputed newspapers . Social Entrepreneurship in India: An Exploratory Study Social Entrepreneurship is an all-encompassing nomenclature, used for depicting the process of, bringing about social change on a major and impactful scale compared to a traditional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

These people are not social workers. Mind the difference between both the class of people. With respect to each other, their work is quite contrasting.

Social entrepreneurship means business – Social Business. Then what does Social entrepreneurship exactly stand for?

Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition

It is not unknown that there persists cultural, social as well as environmental issues all over the globe which prey upon the masses. That s what social entrepreneurship is about: creating business models revolving around low-cost products and services to resolve social inequities.

And the realisation that social progress and profit aren t mutually exclusive has led . Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India. Posted On February 17, Below are the top 10 social entrepreneurs of our country: The Asian Entrepreneur - an independent and authoritative publication on Asian entrepreneurship.


Social entrepreneurship in india

Share stories you like to . Below are the top 10 social entrepreneurs of our country: Jeroo Billmoria. Jeroo Billmoria is an accomplished social entrepreneur and the founder of several international NGOs. Her pursuits have earned her accolades with Ashoka Innovations for the Public, the Skill Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

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