The effect of on the job

In a report, the Congressional Research Service summarized multiple studies as follows:

The effect of on the job

Effective Recruiting Hiring employees without a written job description can lead to reduced productivity when the new hires are unprepared for their duties and require extra training to fulfill their jobs.


Even when you are thorough during the interview process, you might be surprised to learn a new hire is missing a skill he needs for a particular position. Detailed job descriptions help both you and prospective employees know if they are qualified for a job you are advertising and whether they can begin working effectively from day one.

The effect of on the job

Productivity A key benefit of job descriptions is that they enhance employee productivity. In some cases, lack of a job description causes employees to emphasize the wrong aspects of their jobs. A written job description should not only include the tasks an employee is expected to perform but also a ranking of importance of each duty.

Job descriptions prevent employees from misunderstanding which work is theirs, reducing instances of work not being done because someone thought the duty was not in her job description or work being duplicated because two employees assumed they were responsible for a task.

Morale and Retention Employees who work without clear direction can become confused, frustrated and demoralized. They can also feel managers are shifting work to them unfairly, further contributing to decreased morale and high turnover.

Review job descriptions with each employee to make sure he understands what you want and if he agrees with your assessment of his position.

Ask for suggestions regarding how to improve the job description. If a worker knows he will be retained, promoted or terminated based on how well he meets the requirements of his job description, he will review it during the year to make sure he meets his responsibilities.

Organizational Planning One of the benefits of written job descriptions is that they create stronger organizations.

An organization chart is a list of all the positions at a business and shows who reports to whom and who does which work. Written job descriptions let employees know what they will have to do to qualify for positions that offer advancement.

Before you create and announce an organization chart for your company, ask department co-workers to get together and create their vision of a chart for their department with written job descriptions for each employee. This can help you spot a significant disconnect between you and your workers, or it can generate helpful ideas that improve your efforts.The Employees were provided an atmosphere for training rather than teaching which helped in achieving Job Satisfaction 8.

Participants of the training event had the chance to transfer the learning from the training to work. Relevance to industry. Job performance measures used in workshops have different effects on each of the effectiveness indicators. This study highlights that training programs in purpose of enhancing employee effectiveness in the blue-collar jobs at the metal industry should focus on “attention to important details”, and “creativity to solve a .

Jun 12,  · Will the job disruptions caused by technology be temporary as the workforce adapts, or will we see a science-fiction scenario in which automated processes and Author: David Rotman.

The effect of on the job

Meer and West () found longer-term dynamic effects of minimum wages on job growth; they suggest these longer-term effects arise because new firms are more able to choose labor-saving technology after a minimum wage increase than existing firms whose capital was “baked in.”. “Simply put, jobs that robots can replace are not good jobs in the first place.

As humans, we climb up the rungs of drudgery — physically tasking or mind-numbing jobs — to jobs that use what got us to the top of the food chain, our brains.” — The Wall Street Journal, The Robots Are Coming. Welcome Them. Job satisfaction and employee retention, as an academic concept, has aroused wide attentions from the fields of management, social psychology, and practical operations in recent years.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco | The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment