The mobile phones essay

First of all we will touch little introduction to cell phone, in second step we will discuss all the porn and uses of smart phones in our lives. What is Mobile Phone? It have many names like, cell phone, mobile phone, smart phone or telephone.

The mobile phones essay

Teens in our focus groups talked about how in many families, parents as much as teens were the instigators of the first phone purchase. Most American teenagers get their first cell phone in middle school, at age 12 or Teens from lower income households generally must wait a little longer to get their first cell phone.

The trend persists through various income brackets, with teens more likely to get their phones at earlier ages in higher income households.

Parents and teens offer a variety of reasons why teens first get a cell phone. For many families, safety and an increased sense of connectedness is a major motivator. My parents wanted to keep track of me. So my mom is like having a panic attack….

So now she lets me talk to people on the phone, [and] I get to walk with people. I got it…um, my mom got it for me to communicate with my parents, if I was walking, going to be late from school, or walking home.

Although parents often facilitate the initial purchase of a mobile phone, they seldom obtain a phone for their teen and then step out of the picture. Phones are regulated by parents and used as parenting tools.

Parents often place limits on the times of day their teen can use his or her phone, as well as the numbers of minutes they can use or texts they may send. Many focus group teens reported parents looking through their phones and the loss of the phone as a punishment.

Most teens have unlimited text messaging plans, which for many families may make these limits unnecessary. The flip side of parental regulation and monitoring is that teens report feeling suffocated by the constant contact with parents.

Girls are more likely to have parents looking at the contents of their cell phones, have limits on the times of day they can use the phone and are more likely than boys to have their cell phone taken away as punishment for misdeeds.

Parents of girls and boys are just as likely to engage in other monitoring behaviors like limiting the number of minutes a teen may talk, limiting the number texts a teen may send or monitoring his or her location via the phone.

The mobile phones essay

Younger teens, particularly younger teen girls, are the primary targets of parental phone regulation. Teens 12 to 15 years old are the primary recipients of limits around the times of day they may use their cell phone.

Parents are more likely to report limiting the number of minutes their child can talk if their child does not send or receive text messages. A small number of teens report that their parents monitor their location through their cell phone. Not surprisingly, teens see this as an unwelcome intrusion into their lives.

One participant in the focus groups had a monitoring service enabled on her phone and was very curt in her feelings toward it. Younger teens, particularly girls, are the most likely to report parental monitoring of their location.

There is no difference in teen-reported monitoring by race or socio-economic status. Cell phone plans and parental regulation of the phone. Similarly, teens on cell phone plans that limit the number of minutes they may talk or the number of texts they may send are more likely to have parents who say they place restrictions on the number of voice minutes their child may use.

This may well indicate a rapport between generations that builds on mutual trust. Few parental actions relate to differences in negative cell phone uses by teens. Whenever interventions, whether formal and not, are evaluated, the ultimate question becomes — do they work or not?

Generally speaking, there is relatively little correlation between parental interventions on cell phone use and behavioral outcomes on the part of teens. On the other hand, these teens are more likely to report experiencing harassment through the phone.Think you have a pretty good understanding of LTE?

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Chapter Four: How parents and schools regulate teens’ mobile phones | Pew Research Center